Ovaltine Lindt Chip Mocha Milk Shake! (aka the ‘Marco Shake’)

Ovaltine Lindt Chip Mocha Milk Shake! (aka the ‘Marco Shake’)

By guest author Marco.

Ovaltine lindt milkshake

Ok, I think that there was some medical study somewhere I heard about that found chocolate was good for you. So my conclusion from this is that you’re doing your body a favour by making this drink 😉

You *will not* find a better chocolate-mocha milk shake than this! In fact, I think I’d like to name this the ‘Marco-shake‘ if this name is available. My dream is that, 200 years from now, people will still be making the Marco-shake and thinking of me. I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but maybe some sort of statue would be appropriate (made of chocolate maybe?).

The recipe is very easy. You need a blender for this – I use a large blender, but one of those little hand blenders (I think they are called a Smart Stick Hand Blender) or a food processor are just as good for this job.

Personally, I think that this is a perfect ‘guy’ recipe. There is no sequence to how you mix things. There are no fancy-pants words like ‘froth’, or, ‘filet’, or ‘sear’, or ‘flambé’ (I always thought ‘flambé’ was some sort of dance. No wonder girls always said no to Marco when they were asked if they wanted to flambé…). You just dump all of the ingredients below into one blender.

This is my secret recipe:


  • -6 scoops of chocolate ice cream (any brand, just simple chocolate ice cream)
  • -2.5 cups milk
  • -6 tablespoons of Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Mix
  • -(If available, 1 tablespoon of ‘Ovaltine Malted Milk Drink Mix’)
  • -2 small squares of a Lindt milk chocolate bar
  • -1 teaspoon of instant coffee

Ovaltine and lindt milkshakeOvaltine lindt mocha milkshake drink


Put all of these in a blender, and blend. Keep blending until the Lindt chocolate squares are broken up (they have a tendency to hang out at the bottom of the blender, and take longer to break up than you’d expect).

Ovaltine Mocha lindt blended milkshake

Voila. Welcome to paradise.

If you ask me how many servings this makes…I would say it makes just enough for one.

Sometimes I add a bit of Bailey’s Irish Cream. If you like cinnamon, add a sprinkle.


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